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The Princess of Power Litter

Slightly ahead of schedule, the puppies have transformed themselves into seeing, walking (ok, toddling) entities, and are waking up to the world around them. What a magical time this is to share with them- watching as they discover something new each day. Photos are a bit difficult now, as flash cannot be used to prevent damage to newly-opened eyes, so bear with me.

Nashira continues to be a role model mother- supportive and protective of her puppies, while also starting to branch out and let them be on their own for a bit every now and then. With Grandma Sakari, GreatGrandma Tikaani, Aunt Calista, and Cousin Qaralii in the house, the pups don't lack for oversight. This morning even saw Nashira sharing whelping box time with the pups and her mother, Sakari. Even Conaway is interested in the young ones, although not enough to push past the eagle eye of their mother!

Both puppies are remarkably accepting of things like weird positions, tickled paws, and elevations (part of early neurological stimulation). They also are pretty chill and easy to cuddle with on the couch. They are starting to have strong opinions when their needs aren't immediately met - and Adam has found his howling voice!

Nashira is a dog that leaves a lasting impression, whether with her focus or enthusiam or determined, deep intelligence, or all of the above. I often talk to her and am completely convinced she understands the entire conversation. At some point, one of her nicknames became (Na)She-Ra, after the 80s cartoon character (yes, I know I'm showing my age). As the fandom wiki page notes,
She-Ra is the "beautiful…strong-willed, forceful individual who believes firmly in doing the right thing" alter-ego of Princess Adora. This aptly described my (Na)She-Ra! When I learned Netflix is rebooting the She-Ra franchise this year…a litter theme was born. Expecting a bigger litter, I had all kinds of names and toys from the She-Ra cast of characters ready for puppy names. And then I have a boy and a girl. So, of course they must be Princess Adora (She-Ra's alter ego) and her twin brother Prince Adam (He-Man's alter ego).

Puppies will be raised using the Puppy Culture program - check Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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Both puppies will go to homes already on my list. I may have puppies available from other Satellite and Associated Litters later this year - you can check the puppies page for more information.

Puppy Name:
Current Weight:
Birth Weight:
3 lb 6.4 oz
13.4 oz

Adora Is a determined puppy, who has a lot of opinions. If there is a puppy squeaking, it is most likely Adora, singing to herself as she nurses. She is very cuddly and settles down quickly to being held. She has very good navigational skills and can be found zooming pretty much anywhere in the whelping box.

She is named after the character Princess Adora, who despite difficult early years is a smart, compassionate, loyal, and brave woman. You can learn more about the cartoon Adora
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Week 0

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Week 1

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Puppy Name:
Current Weight:
Birth Weight:
3 lb 9.5 oz
15.1 oz

Adam is a very determined puppy, When he is on the move- don't get in his way, he will do his laps. When he is napping, don't fuss with him, he wants to SLEEP. He is incredibly sweet and not fussy about anything. He is almost always found with parts of his body wedged under the pig rail.

Adam is, of course, named after Prince Adam, Adora's twin brother and alter ego of He-Man! Adam is an adventurous, happy-go-lucky, strong, cunning and brave heir to the throne, who fights for justice as his alter-ego, He-Man. You can learn more about the cartoon Adam
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Week 0

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Week 1

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The Princess of Power Litter
Meet the Parents

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OFA Good
OFA CAER Normal (Jun 2017)
Clear - Chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism)
Clear - MultiDrug Resistance 1 (MDR1)
Clear- Degenerative Myelopathy

Clear - Collie Eye Anomaly
Seizure & Allergy Free

Chinooks are a very rare breed with around 100 puppies born every year. As we have been successful in keeping our dogs from being exploited in puppy mills, we rely on Chinook owners that are willing to keep a male intact or raise a litter to support a diverse gene pool. While all Chinooks are first and foremost pets, some owners participate a bit more directly in sustaining the breed. An owner's contribution can range from simply raising a litter for which I take responsibility for finding and supporting puppy homes, all the way to people starting a new kennel on their own. This helps ensure we have healthy Chinooks in the future! If you are open to discussing this, please contact me for more information.
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