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Now accepting inquiries for Summer 2017.

Click HERE to download a Puppy Owner Questionnaire, or HERE for a pdf version.

Click on the buttons below to learn about litters I am planning myself or that involve my dogs.


These are the litters born and raised in my home. I raise a litter every year or two, based on what is right for my dogs and for me.


These litters are raised in the homes of their awesome families, who signed up to support the responsible growth of the Chinook breed. They agreed to keep a dog intact and raise a litter or two, and I agreed to support them in every way they need, and to take responsibility for the placement of puppies and support of their new owners.

Associated litters are raised by other amazing Chinook breeders. Since one of my dogs is a parent, I will have a puppy to place from these litters. I’m happy to refer prospective owners to the breeder raising the litter.

Chinooks are a very rare breed with around 100 puppies born every year. As we have been successful in keeping our dogs from being exploited in puppy mills, we rely on Chinook owners that are willing to keep a male intact or raise a litter to support a diverse gene pool. While all Chinooks are first and foremost pets, some owners participate a bit more directly in sustaining the breed. An owner's contribution can range from simply raising a litter for which I take responsibility for finding and supporting puppy homes, all the way to people starting a new kennel on their own. This helps ensure we have healthy Chinooks in the future! Please contact me for more information.
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